We are Cyndi and Bill, Husband and Wife as blissful as our body butters. We get so much heartfelt joy out of handcrafting rich resins and emollients to glow your skin.


I am elated that you have come to visit my website to learn more about, Beauty and the Face, my all natural body butter that I love to handcraft to give you amazing skin-glowing results!

My name is Cynthia and my husband Bill is my number two. I am the grateful founder and owner of Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxurious Body Butter. Yes, it’s all of that because it is simply naturally all of that. I am super excited to share it all with you.

I started Beauty and the Face 11 years ago when I realized that my dry skin was in need of deep moisture. Not only did my skin need to be moisturized, but it desperately needed hydration and healing from the excessive dryness I was beginning to experience. My sandpaper feet also needed to be healed from the hardness my husband felt whenever his feet touched mine, but his needed help too!

One day when I was in my bedroom looking in the mirror, I looked down at my dresser and saw the cocoa and shea butters calling my name. Along with the essential oils that kept them company on my dresser I decided to mix them all together. After I showered that day, I put this buttery gold on my skin. My skin started glowing. I was blown away. I shared it wit my husband as I do everything else and I said to him, “Bill, this is a business!” Of course he agreed and Beauty and the Face was birthed that very same second and I have been jumping for joy ever since.

My sincere and immediate thought was that I needed to do this for every woman on the planet. Now I understand that most women already have a skincare system in place, but I couldn’t let that thought hinder what I already knew what was going to be absolutely phenomenal and thus far my customers are loving my skincare line because when I created it for me, I created it for you!

It is my hope that you will, after reading my WHY for starting this unique skincare line, take this velvety rich, deeply penetrating skincare journey with me to give you an all over excellent emollient moisturizing experience. I want you to journey with me as I make, exclusively for you, a unique and awesome skincare product line.

I promise to give you, using only all natural good for you shea, cocoa and mango butters in addition to powerful essential oils to hydrate, revitalize, heal, moisturize, soften and glow your skin, exactly what you crave for your skin, authenticity and a whole lot of love.

We are Cyndi and Bill, Husband and Wife, as blissful as our body butters. We get so much joy out of handcrafting rich resins and emollients to glow your skin.
With more products on the horizon, we’re excited to roll out the pink carpet to introduce and share with you our scrubs, fizzies and more. We hope you visit often to order all of your skincare needs and gifts as we handcraft them lovingly just for you!

Our flagship product “Love for the Skin” Body Butter is just the beginning. New products are being developed for you and available soon.

Love your skin and it will glow you back!

Cynthia and William Boyer
Beauty and the Face, LLC
Love for the Skin

Phone: 267-808-4734