Handmade Body Butters To Hydrate and Heal Your Skin

All Natural Body Butters You Can’t Help But Love!


All natural body butters is our business and we love to handcraft body butter creams every chance we get.

Yes, we love to whip up batches of handmade body butters to hydrate and heal your skin. All of our body butters are formulated with rich resins from earth. They include Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter and powerful nutrients and essential oils.

Our all natural body butters penetrate to nourish and sooth your skin.  When you hydrate and moisturize your skin with all natural ingredients targeted towards specific problem areas you’ve taken the steps to open doors to create a path that leads to healthy beautiful skin.

An amazing skincare product, we carefully designed this buttery rich butter cream to provide you with all over deep hydration with continued daily use. Our goal is to give you a silky soft skin glowing  experience when you try our uniquely hydrating body butter.

Immerse yourself in our all natural body butters with hydrating emollients and enjoy a spa-like experience. From the moment you apply our buttery smooth body butter cream to your skin.  It is ideal for rough dry skin. You’ll instantly fall in love with amazing, creamy smooth body butter consistency. 

Our body butters promote healthy gorgeously glowing vibrant skin. It is great for making skin velvety soft, smooth and super silky. 

Buttery Smoothness. 

You, Queen, reign beautiful. Beautiful is such a strong word and I use it often because I believe all women are beautiful. Really beautiful. And then there’s gorgeous, stunning, alluring and pretty. All of these words define women and I think women deserve to be given the best. 

On a platter I’ve placed a jar of my luxurious body butter. It’s the very best body butter moisturizer for a woman’s precious fibers. 

When I think about all of the loveliness extended to women I lend my hands to clothe her with a touch of love that is designed to give her warmth from the jars of a purely luxurious body buttery smoothness women deserve!

Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxurious Body Butters to hydrate, heal and give you healthy skin.

Cyndi Boyer

Owner, BATF