Cream Beauty Body Butter Cream Is Luxuriously Rich

And Filled With Wholesome Goodness To Glow Your Skin!


Cream beauty body butter cream is the ultimate body butter moisturizer designed to soften your skin. 

We invite you into a world of beauty. All natural Body butter bliss It’s rich. It’s buttery. It smells amazing and it feels sensational. Hand whipped our body butters 

Here’s your personalized invitation to try our satin silky luxurious gold in a jar defined as love for the skin. 

Formulated and hand made hand whipped to give your skin nourishment by way of ultra powerful nutrients our body butter does wonders for the skin.  Give your neck, back, arms, hands, elbows, legs and your feet a spa-line treat. 

The essence of glow beauty and the Face is a rich commodity that does exactly what it was designed to do; moisturize, soften and glow your skin. 

Invest in yourself and get an awesome skin softening fiber glowing return when you purchase beauty and the Face luxurious body butter. All natural this invigorating moisturizer and one of a kind mixture of butters and oils can’t help but to glow your skin.