A Butter Cream For Aging Skin


Face Glow Nighttime Facial Cream is our phenomenal facial moisturizer made with some of the most powerful skin softening, moisturizing ingredients infused with drops of our one and only lovely essential oil that makes our amazing formula well, amazing!

You are about to enter into a brand new way of beauty when you try our Face Glow Nighttime Facial Cream. It is a sweet dream of butter creams!

Fragrance free and beyond moisturizing, our nighttime face cream is an exceptional and all natural face cream you will not want to live without once you have tried it, you’re going to fall in love.

You’re already beautiful so why not compliment your natural beauty with our all natural moisturizer face glow and watch your skin glow!  You can apply Face Glow at night after you have thoroughly cleansed and rinsed your face. We recommend you rinse your face with 25 splashes of luke warm water; be sure that you rinse five more times with cold water to close up your pores. 

After these important steps apply a lemon and water toner or red apple cider vinegar and water toner to your skin. Allow the toner to air-dry for at least ten minutes before adding Face Glow. You only need a little face cream or you can certainly slather it all over your face for extra added moisture. It’s totally up to you.  I love to slather a lot on my face because it feels amazing!

Now, when you fall asleep with this butter cream warming your facial skin, you’re going to sleep so sweetly.  When you awaken the next morning, quickly make your way to the closest mirror where the sun is shining. Look in the mirror and see the glow in your face. You’re going to be in awe of the radiance that you’re going to witness in your mirror!

How sensational is it that you have found such a remarkable nighttime facial dream! Our facial butter creams soften the skin and gives you a more even-toned skin. I love the way I look when I get up in the morning. I stand in the mirror and can’t walk away because my skin doesn’t appear to look healthy, my skin is healthy and I love and appreciate being so vibrant and gorgeous!

Face Glow Nighttime Facial Cream is a product of Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxurious Body Butter and we love to glow your skin!


Cyndi Boyer, Owner, BATF

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