Whipped To Perfection

Handcrafted body butter


Handcrafted body butter.

Whipped to perfection, my handcrafted body butter is nutrient-rich and made from a unique formula and recipe that hydrates and heals the skin.

I love to handcraft body butter for my family, friends and now for all of my customers.

Because I’m in love with life and business I work diligently to deliver on my promise to give my customers the very best when it comes to providing my customers with a great skincare system of unique body butter creams.

The joy that floods my heart comes from hand making jars of love.

Blended with powerfully potent essential oils, I make sure to buy the best unrefined organic Shea butter a girl can find. It is my business to create the close as I can get perfect body butter recipe that I can concoct using my hands.

From my heart, I try my very best to mix all of the best ingredients that compliment each other to give my customers the most wonderful experience in moisturizing and softening their skin. I think it is important for me to encourage women to be as beautiful as ever. I know most women take pride in their appearance and I want to be a part of helping them to achieve their skincare goals.

When I have plans to hand whip some body butter that’s all I do for the day. It’s a long process because I have to make sure that my butters are whipped to the point where no lumps, small or big, can be found in my rich formula. I don’t like to use any heat when I create beauty for the skin so it takes time for me to loosen up and liquefy my butters and believe me I take my time. There is something really unique about this process. For me, it gives my body butter a different consistency than using an electric hand mixer.

When I hand make my body butter the texture is pure silk and I love that for my customers and I think it’s safe to say that my customers appreciate the time and love poured into ever jar!