And Make It Glow


How to cleanse your face is what I look forward to doing every evening! I love to experience the natural beauty that appears right before my eyes before going to bed.

Cleansing the skin on your face should be a nightly process that you enjoy every evening before saying goodnight to your loved ones and friends. 

I am going to share with you how to cleanse your skin to make it glow. This is going to help you to wake up the same way you went to bed; glowing and stunning. 

Are you ready?  Terrific!!!

First, look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful and amazing you are!

How To Cleanse Your Face; An Awesome Experience That Is Well, Awesome!

Now, wash your hands please. 

Before starting your nighttime regimen I want you to wash your hands. If you were going to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner you would wash your hands. So please treat your fibers with the respect she deserves and wash your hands. There are millions of germs on your hands so please do not transfer them to your face even though you are about to cleanse your face.  Just do it please and get into the habit of doing it every time you cleanse your skin. Got it? Great. Let’s move on to the next step. 

Okay. You will need an amazing cleanser that can remove all your makeup. I suggest coconut oil or Vaseline. Micellar water is also a good option for removing all the paint that enhances your beauty. I don’t think anyone needs to wear makeup, but that’s just me. You’re already naturally beautiful, but if wearing makeup makes you feel like the incredible woman you are, then by all means do your thing. 

Here are a few cleansers I love and use faithfully. Remember, I am not going to tell you to use or try something that I have not used, use or have tried myself. 

The one facial cleanser that I use everyday or night is Shea Butter Black Soap. I started using Shea Butter Black Soap because I love and appreciate it’s cleansing properties. It is great for my skin and contains some great healing properties that I could not find in any other cleansers I had tried in the past. The Shea Butter soap can be super drying, but I just double up with my facial cream and my face is fine.

Another cleanser that I use and love is Dr Hauschka Cleansing Milk. This organic face wash helps to remove all traces of makeup and other impurities. Dr Hauschka Cleansing Milk is a lovely gentle cleanser that contains Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils to help you to maintain the natural moisture in your skin. It helps to balance your skin and it won’t dry out mature sensitive skin.

How to cleanse your face

I love it. If you decide to purchase Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk I want to tell you that it will take quite a bit of rinsing your face to remove all the milk from your skin, but it is well worth the time you spend to remove it all completely.

The next thing you’ll need to cleanse your face is a clean white wash cloth. You could use your hands but don’t.

A clean white washcloth that you use only for your face will make an enormous difference in how your face looks and feels. Cleansing your face with your hands will not give you the same results. A clean washcloth acts like a facial scrub as it helps to get rid of the excess cleanser from your face. Try it and you’ll see exactly what I mean. 

Ok. You’re still here. That’s awesome. 

Now. I want you to rinse your face ten to 15 times using luke warm water. After cleansing with luke and your wash cloth I want you to use your hands to rinse 15 more times, but using cold water. The cold water is going to close up your pores. After rinsing your face with cold water let the water remain on your face. Do not towel dry. 

Your next step is to apply a hydrating or oil free toner. I love pure lemon juice (from a real lemon). Whatever your skin type please use a toner specific to your fibers. Don’t use a lot. Dampen a cotton ball or round and wipe your face with your toner of choice. Let the toner lotion dry thoroughly. After 15 minutes have passed your face should be completely dry. 


Please apply a Retin a to your face. Neutrogena makes a nice one. Retin A is a form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself. It is also used to treat acne. Retin A helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration and it helps to make rough facial skin feel smoother. I use Retin A twice-a-week because it can be drying. I don’t have acne nor do I have wrinkles, but I have some discoloration, but my homemade facial cream has been a miracle in healing that dark scar.

Should you decide to use Retin A, wait about 20 minutes before applying your nighttime facial moisturizer, Sweet Dream Nighttime Facial Cream. Now you’re ready for bed.

Your skin is clean. You’ve applied all of the necessary steps to make your skin healthy, wealthy and glowing!

Good night. Sweet dreams!