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  • Our lavender body butter cream is an amazing emollient that you'll love to feed your skin. It has many of the nutrients, like fatty acids and rich antioxidants to make your skin feel silky smooth.
  • A Gift Box Sensation that is sure to help her relax, revive and rejuvenate her senses. Our gift box set includes a 2 in 1 Shea and Cocoa; Sweet Love Body Scrub and Forever Fabulous Feet so that she heal those heels!
  • Gift Box Beautee is a lovely collection of splendor. It includes your butter cream of Soothing Shea, Beautiful Bath Salts, Sweet Love Body Scrub, your lovely scented candle and a journal to help you to record the happenings in your heart. And don't forget, you get a special free gift with your purchase!
  • A nutrient-rich moisturizer formulated to enrich and soften the skin. Infused with rich emollients, fatty acids and highly powerful antioxidants, this body butter cream provides your skin with the nourishment she deserves.  Glow your skin and she will love you back. Order your jar of love today!

    We also offer these amazing scents:

    Hello Sweet Thang; Apple Sage; Coconut Citrus Sorbet; Cinnamon Sugar, Lilac; Red Apple; Cherry Almond; Kumquat; Moonlight Pomegranate; Pineapple Papaya and Orange Peel Cybilia.

    (Note: contains ingredients made with nuts)

    24 Carat of Body Butter Gold Premium hand made body butter cream designed from an awesome blend of luxurious skin-softening ingredients designed to penetrate, moisturize and glow your skin. Our unique skincare formula promises to enrich and enhance your skin. It is excellent for all skin types. Gift Box Sensations Email or call for pricing; Email address: Phone: 267-808-4734
  • Queen's Crown is a deeply nourishing scalp and hair pomade hand made with powerful essential oils. Your follicles need a healthy environment in which to grow and stay healthy. Uniquely formulated to moisturize your scalp, Queen's Crown is light and nourishing. Make your hair the highlight of your countenance when you feed it the right nutrients. Nourish your hair with Queen's Crown every other day. How to use; massage into your scalp every other morning or night for five to fifteen minutes for best results. If you wear braids, add Queen's Pomade in between your braids and massage your scalp for at least 10-15 minutes to help keep your hair moisturized and your scalp healthy too!
  • Sweet Cream Nighttime Face Dream is the latest addition to our family. It is an abundance of wealth in a jar of nutrient-rich, anti-aging ingredients. It goes to work to seal in moisture like the morning dew, giving you supple silky satiny skin while you sleep.
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