Gorgeous And Ever Glowing!


Radiant Beauty.

Beauty and the Face. Love for the Skin. It penetrates. It moisturizers. It softens. You glow. 

When I created this blissful body butter that I like to sometimes call, radiant beauty, I immediately fell in love. When I applied this remarkable whipped body butter to my legs I was in awe. I could not believe the amazing change my eyes witnessed.

I slathered the body butter all over my feet as well and The next morning my skin was still glowing. I told my husband bill to look at my skin. He said wowwww. Your skin looks nice. Not that it didn’t look nice before but now it had a glow. A glow that could not be denied. I was so excited I told my two sons to try. My oldest son liked it but he said I need to add a fragrance. My youngest son usually likes anything I make whether it’s food, a poem, graphic design. I can always tell if they really like something or not and my youngest tried the body butter and liked it. I know this because he continued to use even though he had his old standby lotion in his closet. 

A Premium Body Butter

This premium body butter was absolutely amazing. Even though it was my very first batch I thought it was wonderful. The consistency was great too. I guess I say this because I made it and because what it did to and for my skin. It softened it like nothing else I had ever used before. As time went on I kept making my butter but I was trying different recipes. Three in all to be exact and all three homemade recipes have been phenomenal. 

I made batches of my radiant beauty body butter and shared them with family and friends. My daughters fell in love but the consistency wasn’t right for my youngest daughter. I worked until I was able to get it to the consistency she wanted. She too expressed an interest in having a scented body butter. I began researching fragrance oils and ordered about twenty oils for testing. Some of the oils smell ok and some smell just ok. Well the one fragrance that everyone agrees on that we all love is pomegranate. It smells amazing!  My husband prefers my signature body but my customers love the pomegranate. I will be experimenting with some of the other fragrances but not all of them. I have something brilliant in mind for the fragrances I’ve decided not to use. 

I’m always adding more products to my line and collection. A line of body scrubs as superior as my body butter is what I am working on as well as my Christmas Collection named for my mother and mother in law. More info will be forthcoming. 

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