In The World of Body Butter Creams

What defines rich

Rich defines love and abundance.

Homemade to hand made, I love the idea of making body butter cream to help meet the skincare needs of my customers.  Creating the best skincare products that last all day is what I love to do.

All of my jars go through a skincare test before I put them on the market. I have to tell you my skin is beyond sensitive and excessively dry. If I can use all of the powerful elegant oils that I place in each of jar of jewels I make, I’d like to think anyone can use my body butter creams.

For me rich simply means exploring, researching, finding and then purchasing the highest quality ingredients for my body butter business.

My home office is filled to the brim with the finest ingredients that help me to create skincare formulas that make a difference in the world.

All natural, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory commodities make all the difference in the world in how your skin feels and how it looks.

Antioxidant-rich, all of my emollients are bursting with beneficial properties that help to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin making your fibers soft and silky.

What Defines Rich? Resin-Rich All Natural Butter Cream Will Always Be My Goal.

What defines rich? Rich also means providing my customers with a variety of body butter creams specific to their skincare goals and needs. This brings me a sense of joy and overflowing happiness when someone purchases my body butter and they tell me how much they love it. When I hear my customers say how amazing it smells and how it deeply moisturizes their skin it warms my heart and brings even more sunshine into my life.

All-natural is important to help give skin, not a healthy looking appearance, but overall healthy skin. Looking pure and pretty is the goal I want to achieve with every hand whipped body butter that gets mailed out.

My luxurious body butter really is luxurious. I make it a point to make it that way by making it creamy and buttery. I want the butter cream to feel good on the skin.

My goal is to ensure that the body butter cream penetrates into the skin. Let me tell you that the body butter feels beyond amazing when you slather it on your skin. It is an awesome precious commodity.

With Frankincense and Geranium being a few vital ingredients that make up jars of body butters, they seem to have  remarkable medicinal properties. The ingredients I use help to heal certain skin conditions I knew nothing about. I am not a doctor and I am not saying it will heal major skin conditions, but for me, it has worked more than a few miracles when dealing with a form of psoriasis and really dry skin.

Listen, rich is the life we all want to live and living richly begins with us. Taking loving care of your skin is an incredible way to feel rich. When your skin is healthy, it looks healthy, you radiate and your skin glows!

What defines rich? Rich is a river that flows with beauty. It is abundant. Rich, is a mindset that says, yes you are beautiful, you are sensational and you glow from head-to-toe. It’s just who you are and Beauty and the Face’s luxurious body butter can help you to do just that.