Beauty and the Face Body Butters and Beauty Balms For Glowing Skin

Dear Glowing One,

Whipped body butter from Beauty and the Face has the highest quality body butters a woman could ever ask for. The more I use their whipped body butter the softer and prettier you become.

I’m telling you those handmade body butters are amazing.  I love a really amazing whipped body butter especially when they are all natural and made from organic ingredients and Beauty and the Face makes the purest and healthiest body butters I have ever used. 

An incredible beauty product should make your skin feel warm and good all over. When I slather Beauty and the Face Body Butter on you I can honestly say it feels beautiful in every way.It softens, it moisturizes, it soothes, it nourishes and all because it contains all of those good wholesome essential fatty acids, antioxidants and natural oils, and oh, I can’t forget the Shea butter. The texture of the body butter is smooth, rich and creamy. It’s an amazing skin glowing experience that we get to experience every day.

It’s almost time to order whipped body butter.  I cannot afford to run out of this handmade body butter. This precious commodity keeps my skin so healthy and radiant and I love the look of healthy and radiant!

I love you my fiber glowing friend. You are still as beautiful as ever.