There was a time when I asked myself why all natural. The answer for me was and still is easy. Whenever I apply anything to my facial skin and body that isn’t all natural or as all natural as possible, I get this awful feeling in my head. It’s like I get an allergic reaction due to the chemicals found in certain lotions or face creams that I use. A lot of the skincare products I have tried didn’t agree with me and my balance. As soon as the lotion would touch my super sensitive skin I would tend to get dizzy accompanied by nauseousness. Let me tell you, this is one of the worse feelings I have ever encountered in my life. It is truly terrible feeling to say the least. This is the reason why I have chosen to hand make my own body butters and I am glad I do. For me, hand crafting my own body butter is a necessity and with my all natural body butter I can feel the difference in my overall being and it really does make a difference in how my skin feels and the way it looks; it glows!


Now, let me ask you; how does chemical-free, sound to you. Parabens, artificial colors, fillers and chemicals can cause skin rash, redness, breakout and irritation to the delicate fibers of the skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin like I do which is the reason I made the choice to go all natural and I have to tell you it is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made for me and my family and our home. We all use it an we all love it.

Before discovering and designing this rich recipe of shea body butter goodness, I have had to change my skincare routine more times than I like to think about. The reason. I have super sensitive excessively dry skin from the Crown of my head, yes starting with my scalp, all the way down to the soles of my now soft glowing feet. I tried using a variety of skincare products, but by the time I applied lotion to my legs two minutes later my delicate fibers were white with ash. The lotions were not absorbing into my skin at all which meant they were not able to moisturize, soften and heal my skin. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in terms of my skincare.

So I set sail to explore the benefits of Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters because I had heard about their powerful anti inflammatory properties in addition to their other highly beneficial elements. I also did my homework that I assigned to myself to research essential oils and found the most effective oils for dry skin. I thought to myself if I take these powerful three butters mentioned above and mix them with some of the most nutrient rich oils I would have an awesome, unique and powerful blend called a moisturizer. I did just that.


Feel the softness. The moment that I apply my highly superior body butter with its rich consistency and smooth texture, I immediately feel the softness in my hands. It is like a Whole Foods unsalted butter that you use to cook with that gives your food such amazing flavor with all of the goodness you and your food deserves without any additives or preservatives. My dry dull skin has never ever been this soft my entire life. My husband always compliments me on how soft my skin is to the touch. He even has his own jar that he uses daily and with continued use, our skin just gets softer and better.


With all of the watered down lotions I’ve tried I thought an all natural, vitamin based, combined with raw organic unrefined body butter would give not just me and my family, but women, men and children of all ages a wonderful all over body moisturizing experience just as it does for me whenever I use it. When you compare all natural skincare products to chemical based skincare products all natural is a wise choice. Should you choose to try all natural body butter for your skin you will be treating yourself to love. You will immediately feel and see the difference in your skin. There is something so very special about feeding and nourishing your skin with plant based food and goodness. It does your skin wonders and performs like a miracle. In essence it is 24 carats of buttery gold in a jar.