An amazing skin-changing experience, our organic Shea body butter cream is an enriching formula of beautiful essential oils hand whipped to moisturize your skin. We help you to achieve beautifully radiant and soft-to-the-touch, can you say glowing skin. Our skin glowing formula has been specifically created and designed with all natural goodness to hydrate, moisturize and soothe your skin. It is protection from winter’s wind and summer’s sun. Luxury in a Jar, our superior body butter contains healthy skin conditioning nutrients of organic butters and essential oils. This unique body butter is an elegant mix of luxury and love and promises to give you all over deep hydration and amazing moisture for your delicate fibers. It is perfect for normal to dry skin. Four ounces of pure gold in a jar, our rich emollients for the body contains some of earth’s purest and finest ingredients. We specifically designed our body butters with all natural aromatic resins, recipe and richness, a gift from nature, to give you the very best in skincare. Our superb body butter has amazing healing properties to revitalize your skin giving you silky, velvety soft, love-to-the-touch, warm and vibrant skin. Our superior body butter is truly a girl’s best blend.


Luxurious Organic Shea Body Butter Cream


A nutrient-rich moisturizer formulated to enrich and soften the skin. Infused with rich emollients, fatty acids and highly powerful antioxidants, this body butter cream provides your skin with the nourishment she deserves.  Glow your skin and she will love you back. Order your jar of love today!

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Hello Sweet Thang; Apple Sage; Coconut Citrus Sorbet; Cinnamon Sugar, Lilac; Red Apple; Cherry Almond; Kumquat; Moonlight Pomegranate; Pineapple Papaya and Orange Peel Cybilia.

(Note: contains ingredients made with nuts)

24 Carat of Body Butter Gold

Premium hand made body butter cream designed from an awesome blend of luxurious skin-softening ingredients designed to penetrate, moisturize and glow your skin. Our unique skincare formula promises to enrich and enhance your skin. It is excellent for all skin types.

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A luxurious body butter cream with plant-based ingredients for healthy skin. As a result, you will experience all natural goodness for amazing skin. This butter cream enriches and brightens as it moisturizes and softens. Nutrient-rich, each jar is an amazing formula of pure goodness.  Elegance from earth is butter cream for beautifully glowing skin. It is pure nourishment for great skincare results. Inside every jar, you will experience love for the skin. Using some of nature’s most elegant goodness, we provide your skin with a rich body butter blend using organic and unrefined Shea, Mango and Avocado butters. Ultra-nourishing, your body butter cream is a creamy smooth buttery texture to revive and enhance the skin.  A skin-changing emollient infused with essential oils, fatty acids and antioxidants, you are going to love the way you skin looks.  Use your body butter cream day and night. Your skin will feel amazing.

BENEFITS: Amazing skin-glowing results.

INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba C, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Myrrh Oil, Frankincense, Geranium Oil, Olive Oil

PLEASE NOTE: Beauty and the Face hand whips body butters for you. Our luxurious butters for the body are made with pure butters and oils which means it is very sensitive to heat. Please store your body butter in a cool place to prevent melting.


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Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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Loving Your Skin Has Never Felt So Good!

We Handcraft Love for the Skin

Buttery and so very silky, our unique butter for the body is health in a jar. Heal with hydration and seal in softness with Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxurious Body Butter. Specifically created, designed and handcrafted to soften, soothe and glow your skin, Beauty and the Face deeply hydrates and softens with a rich blend of essential oils and amazing butters for your body. Love your skin and she’ll glow you back We promise.

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Listen…I don’t normally do this but I have to. This is one of THE BEST body butters I have EVER used! I’m dark skinned and the way my ash is set up…? Let’s just say I need all the help I can get, especially in the winter. I should have done a before and after pic but let me tell you that this butter is the truthdotcom! They should just rename it to Ash-Be-Gone! I’m a fan. Lol. Shoutout to the good people at @beautyandtheface! This butter is amazing!! Ladies (and gents)…get you some of this butter TODAY!

Folashade Butler, FolashadeButler.com
The winter season is always a difficult time for my skin. It gets really dry and uncomfortable. I’d often use oil-based items but they wouldn’t last long on my skin and thicker lotions didn’t sooth the dryness the way I hoped. Then I tried Beauty and the Face. I’ve never used a skincare product that has softened, moisturized and radiated my skin the way this body butter does. My husband even started using it and loves it! I’ll never be without a jar again.
Jenna B., Maryland
I absolutely love this body butter. It’s so silky and feels luxurious when you put it on. It’s light but does an amazing job of moisturising my wintry, dry (and flaky) skin. Highly recommended, ladies!
Aja M., United Kingdom
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